Monthly Archive: October, 2013

EURUSD OUTLOOK: Bullish Fundamental, Technical Picture, But Consolidation This Week?

As discussed below, both the fundamental and technical picture favors the EURUSD. Nonetheless fundamentals for the coming week could go against the pair. Regarding the technical picture,  it remains to be seen whether… Continue reading

Must Know Lessons From The US Budget Battle For Next Time

Here’s an additional collection of lessons learned from the latest US debt policy battle (see here for the previous one) What We Got   Key details of the debt deal include: The bill, signed into… Continue reading

Key Lessons And Conclusions For The Coming Week And Beyond

What We Learned For This Week And The Next Budget Battle Points Covered Quick summary of prior week market movers Lessons and Conclusions Lessons: i.      Lessons For The Next Budget Battle ii.      EARNINGS:… Continue reading

Coming Week’s Top 5 Market Movers: Packed Calendar Vs.Technical Resistance

With global equities at record highs and the post-US debt ceiling deal rally likely to be mostly spent, you would think that markets are most likely to consolidate. Not necessarily. This week’s calendar… Continue reading

Why Everyone Must Monitor A Stock Index Chart Part B

Using Stock Indexes As Market Barometers: How To Know Where Most Currency Pairs (Or Other Assets) Are Going  – Within Seconds Part 3B Of Our Series On Inter-Market Analysis Continued from Part A A… Continue reading

Why Everyone Must Monitor A Stock Index Chart Part A

Using Stock Indexes As Market Barometers: How To Know Within Seconds Where Most Currency Pairs, Or Other Assets, Are Going. The First Step To Understanding What’s Moving Markets. Part 3A Of Our Series… Continue reading

What Everyone Must Know About Currencies: Profiting From Risk Rankings Part A

Understanding currency risk rankings & how to profit from them – even if you’re not a forex trader Part 2A of our series on inter-market analysis. How the major currencies and pairs respond… Continue reading

The 5 Must-Watch Market Movers Week Of October 14, 2013

Here are the 5 big market drivers this week you need to watch. 1.     Speculation On Resolution Of US Debt Ceiling And Budget Deadlock   As noted here, last week markets fell and rose… Continue reading

Lessons Learned For The Coming Week: 3 Drivers, 3 Conclusions

This past week’s top market drivers and lessons should explain much about week The following reviews the prime market movers and lessons that apply to the coming week. The Key Points Day 6-10… Continue reading

US Debt Ceiling Guide Week of October14th:Hype Vs. Reality

Here’s what all the fuss is about -the hype vs. the reality Speculation about the outcome of the US budget and debt ceiling battle was the prime marketmover last week, and is a… Continue reading