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September-Mid November Long/Short EURUSD Positioning: Observations & Conclusions

It’s useful to know what’s driving intermediate term trader positioning behind the EURUSD. Unlike shorter term traders who are in and out of their positions in a matter of hours or days, these… Continue reading

USD Outlook Week of June 3rd: All About Two Big Themes

For those following the USD, USD pairs, and ETFs like UUP, UDN, FXE, FXY, etc.   It’s a typical packed first week of the month economic calendar, and so there will be lots… Continue reading

EURUSD WEEKLY OUTLOOK: The Six Top Price Drivers

Here’s what’s moving the EURUSD   1. Sustained Improvements US Economic Data That Most Directly Lifts Rate Increase Expectations   In the past weeks there have been a number of articles heralding the… Continue reading

The Coming Week: The Six Things You Must Watch

This week, it’s more like six categories of things to watch. Lots here of particular interest to EURUSD traders as well as those looking for an overview of the coming week. See here… Continue reading

The Coming Market Week: 14 Things You Must Watch This Week

Get Ready For The Biggest Event Risk Week Of The Month Most of the biggest market movers continue to be the big ones from prior weeks, but there are some significant new ones… Continue reading

Weekly EURUSD Outlook: Five Things To Watch This Week

  …and is the BoE getting ready to mix horsemeat into the Sterling?     A number of assumptions about stimulus trends and EU risk may be put to the test this week.… Continue reading

Coming Week Market Movers: 7 Things You Absolutely Must Watch

Current Assumptions About Stimulus, EU, To Be Put To The Test This Week, And Keep An Eye On Currency Markets   Here’s a brief rundown of the likely top market movers for the… Continue reading

Last Week’s Lessons For This Week: Does Rally Still Has Life?

What’s Driving It, What Will Stop It?     Below is:   A recap of each day’s prime market movers Our conclusions about: What’s driving this rally Its obstacles What’s likely to sustain… Continue reading

2012’s Biggest Lie, 2013’s Biggest Risk

EU Crisis Reminder: Why It Isn’t Getting Better, Implications for Stocks, Gold, the EURUSD and Other Currency Pairs and Asset Classes, and What To Do While doing research for our recent 4 part… Continue reading


The primary bullish and bearish considerations     Based on fundamental news, the past week should have been great for the EUR.   Latest Greek aid deal approved Spain bank bailout clears EU… Continue reading