Monthly Archive: January, 2013


Here’s a quick review of the key ideas heading into the week for the EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AND AUDUSD.       EURUSD   The Bullish   Prior week’s good German data,… Continue reading

This Week’s Top Market Movers And Advice From Your Central Banker

The key things to watch this week, and an important message from your local central bank chief regarding your local currency… FUNDAMENTAL MARKET DRIVERS 1-7. Prior Week’s Mix Of Bullish And Bearish Market… Continue reading

Prior Week’s Lessons For This Week: Prime Movers And Threats

Hope Is Trumping Data, The EU Is Recovering, So Why Does Germany Suddenly Want Its Gold Back? Here’s a: Summary of the bullish and bearish forces confronting markets Daily breakdown of top market… Continue reading

EURUSD Weekly Outlook: The Bullish, Bearish, And Likely Drivers

  Here’s a quick overview of what’s likely to move the EURUSD for the coming week,  and why. Risk Asset Markets Overbought: Bearish   As noted in our recent articles here and here,… Continue reading

Coming Week Market Movers: Bullish Momentum Vs. Bearish Fundamentals

Once again we’ve got toppy markets that are not supported by fundamentals other than large scale central bank stimulus. Of course, that very large scale stimulus has been all that’s needed to keep… Continue reading

7 Reasons Markets Are Overbought, And What To Do

7 Answers To The Biggest Investor Question At The Start Of 2013 Most key gauges of risk assets, like the S&P 500 or other major global stock indexes, are near decade highs. Thanks… Continue reading

Prior Week Review And Lessons For The Coming Week

In sum, even normally market moving events like US monthly jobs and Q4 2012 earnings continue to be drowned out by headlines related to the latest new stimulus or austerity related headlines, whether… Continue reading

EURUSD Outlook Week of January 14 2013

The picture for this week is frankly unclear, so we’ll keep it short Fundamental Risk assets remain in their fiscal cliff relief rally, and that overall risk-on sentiment is lifting the EURUSD. The… Continue reading

2012’s Biggest Lie, 2013’s Biggest Risk

EU Crisis Reminder: Why It Isn’t Getting Better, Implications for Stocks, Gold, the EURUSD and Other Currency Pairs and Asset Classes, and What To Do While doing research for our recent 4 part… Continue reading


  Short Version: Bearish Fundamentals, Mixed Technical Picture   It’s hard enough anticipating the pair’s moves for the coming week, never mind the coming year. Despite the risk of looking silly in hindsight,… Continue reading