Monthly Archive: June, 2013


As we wrote in our 2013 forecast, the fate of markets this year would ride on two primary market drivers, one positive, and one negative: The Positive: QE continues to work unless fundamentals… Continue reading

Market Movers Week of June 9 2013: Weak Growth Vs.The Hilsenrath Omen?

Here’s a rundown of what’s likely to move markets for the coming week and beyond, and some thoughts about what to do.   Don’t Fear The Reaper Taper   As discussed at length… Continue reading

Lessons For The Coming Week: Focus On Policy – Risks And Opportunities

Continued uninspiring global growth data is keeping markets focused on government policy moves as the main source of salvation. Data mattered, but mostly only to the extent that it hinted at new central… Continue reading

EURUSD OUTLOOK WEEK OF JUNE 9, 2013: 4 Things To Consider

For EURUSD traders or investors using related ETFs such as UUP, UDN, FXE, etc. EURUSD Outlook: Short term neutral/bullish, longer term bearish The main long term EURUSD driver Reasons behind recent EURUSD rally… Continue reading

USD Outlook Week of June 3rd: All About Two Big Themes

For those following the USD, USD pairs, and ETFs like UUP, UDN, FXE, FXY, etc.   It’s a typical packed first week of the month economic calendar, and so there will be lots… Continue reading

Coming Week Market Movers: One Thing To Rule Them All

  It’s a typical packed first week of the month calendar. While there are a number of potential market movers, one from last week is likely to continue to dominate the action, and… Continue reading

Lessons For The Coming Week: What To Watch This Week

Here’s a brief rundown of what to watch for the coming week and beyond Markets Moving Up/Down With QE Tapering Speculation If there is news that raises the likelihood of QE reduction, markets… Continue reading