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Lessons Learned For The Coming Week: 3 Drivers, 3 Conclusions

This past week’s top market drivers and lessons should explain much about week The following reviews the prime market movers and lessons that apply to the coming week. The Key Points Day 6-10… Continue reading

Last Week’s Lessons For This Week: Top Market Movers, Implications

Here’s Part 1 of a 2 part series-a quick review of each day’s top market drivers and their ramifications. Part 2 focuses on lessons and conclusions to use for this week. Links to… Continue reading

Weekly EURUSD Outlook: How The Bullish And Bearish Forces Align

Here’s a quick rundown of headwinds and tailwinds for the EURUSD 1. EU Political Turmoil: Bearish     The corruption scandal in Spain and resurgence of anti-market PM candidate Berlusconi should continue to… Continue reading

Top market Movers This Week: Bearish Fundamentals, Bullish Stimulus, Mixed Charts

It’s a 3 way tug of war this week   Political turmoil in the EU remains the big potential market mover and the most unpredictable wildcard in the deck this week. We’ve continued… Continue reading

Coming Week Market Movers: How Long Can They Last?

We know what they are, and we see they’re driving stocks, risk currencies and other risk assets higher. The only question is, how sustainable are they?   While this week’s calendar has plenty… Continue reading

Last Week’s Lessons For This Week: Does Rally Still Has Life?

What’s Driving It, What Will Stop It?     Below is:   A recap of each day’s prime market movers Our conclusions about: What’s driving this rally Its obstacles What’s likely to sustain… Continue reading

EURUSD Weekly Outlook: The Bullish, Bearish, And Likely Drivers

  Here’s a quick overview of what’s likely to move the EURUSD for the coming week,  and why. Risk Asset Markets Overbought: Bearish   As noted in our recent articles here and here,… Continue reading

Coming Week Market Movers: Bullish Momentum Vs. Bearish Fundamentals

Once again we’ve got toppy markets that are not supported by fundamentals other than large scale central bank stimulus. Of course, that very large scale stimulus has been all that’s needed to keep… Continue reading