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Lessons For The Coming Week: Stimulus, Life & Debt Issues From Around The World

Technical, Fundamental Market Drivers And Lessons For The Coming Week And Beyond From The US, Europe, China, & Japan-Lessons For Traders & Investors in Stocks, Forex, Commodities, and Other Global Markets – And… Continue reading


As we wrote in our 2013 forecast, the fate of markets this year would ride on two primary market drivers, one positive, and one negative: The Positive: QE continues to work unless fundamentals… Continue reading

EURUSD Weekly Outlook: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

  Here’s how the bullish and bearish forces line up for the coming week for the EURUSD. Context: The Big Market Drivers Since The Summer Are All Bullish for The EURUSD   Over… Continue reading

This Week’s Top 5 Market Movers: Variations On The Prevailing Themes

A market outlook for traders and investors in all global risk asset markets, focused on stocks and currencies As we discussed in part 2 of our post on last week’s lessons for this… Continue reading

Last Week’s Lessons For This Week: Does Rally Still Has Life?

What’s Driving It, What Will Stop It?     Below is:   A recap of each day’s prime market movers Our conclusions about: What’s driving this rally Its obstacles What’s likely to sustain… Continue reading