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Coming Week Market Movers: The State of The Rally

Feels like a luxury cruise. On the Titanic. As we noted in our forecast for 2013, the fate of the rally rests on continued QE and quiet in the EU. We’ll start by… Continue reading

The Coming Week: New Lessons On The Rally’s Health Part 2

Part 2: Lessons, Conclusions Having reviewed the prior week in Part 1, here are the key lessons and conclusions.   Rally On? Three Things To Watch   As we mentioned last week and… Continue reading

The Coming Week: New Lessons On The Rally’s Health

Part 1: Daily Breakdown *Top Market Movers From Prior Week: Rising Perceived Risk of QE Cutback New Evidence of Struggling China Recovery *Lessons Learned For The Coming Week And Beyond   The prior… Continue reading


In terms of actual scheduled economic calendar events, the week is light. That will leave traders and pundits alike with time to continue speculating on variations and aspects of The Great Question –… Continue reading

Lessons For This Week: Still Safe To Enter This Rally?

Part 1: Daily Breakdown First, thanks for all the kind inquiries about my absence in recent weeks. Life intervened. Here in Part 1 we do a brief day by day analysis of key… Continue reading

Lessons For This Week: Still Safe To Enter This Rally?

Part 2: Lessons, Conclusions, Highlights The following are the conclusions and lessons garnered from Part 1’s analysis of what was moving all major global asset markets It’s a summary of what’s really been… Continue reading

Coming Week’s Market Movers Part 2: New Ones For This Week

This article is a preview of new likely market drivers of all global markets this week that we suspect will appear this week. It’s a continuation of Part 1, which covered market movers… Continue reading

The Coming Week: 12 Market Drivers To Watch

    This is the most event packed week thus far in 2013. Here’s a brief rundown of what’s coming. Fundamental Picture   There are significant top-tier events from all of the top… Continue reading

EURUSD WEEKLY OUTLOOK: The Six Top Price Drivers

Here’s what’s moving the EURUSD   1. Sustained Improvements US Economic Data That Most Directly Lifts Rate Increase Expectations   In the past weeks there have been a number of articles heralding the… Continue reading

Markets Rallying Higher Or Triple Top? Evidence Pro And Con

The current array of bullish and bearish forces Each week reveals new bulls, and more deeply entrenched technical momentum. Of course, everyone felt great about stocks and other risk assets back in 2000… Continue reading