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The EU: The End Is Near? Existential Threats And Decisions Approach

As evidence of the EU’s failure and potential collapse mounts, the time for existential choices approaches   Summary Existential Threat #1: Unsustainable Debt Loads That Could Destroy The EU Require A Fully Empowered… Continue reading

The Coming Week: Start Of A Bigger Correction? Evidence & Real Danger Signals

The fundamental and technical picture, both the bullish and bearish, & tips for distinguishing between normal corrections and the big plunges. What’s driving  stock indexes, forex and other global asset markets   The… Continue reading

Lessons For The Coming Week: More Life & Debt Issues, EU Fracture Signs

Part 2: Lessons, threats, likely market movers for the coming week from Europe, Emerging Markets, China, technical and fundamental issues for the week ahead and beyond that touch all major global asset markets… Continue reading

Grand Delusion: Scramble For GIIPS Bonds Despite High Risk, Low Yield

Traders Gone Wild: GIIPS Bond Yields Approach Pre-Crisis Levels After EU SRM Deal Virtually Abandons GIIPS Banks Irish Bond Sale Sparks Bull Market In GIIPS Stocks & Bonds. Big Risks, Rewards For Traders… Continue reading

2012’s Biggest Lie, 2013’s Biggest Risk

EU Crisis Reminder: Why It Isn’t Getting Better, Implications for Stocks, Gold, the EURUSD and Other Currency Pairs and Asset Classes, and What To Do While doing research for our recent 4 part… Continue reading