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EURUSD Short Term News Trade Opportunity Tuesday: Strategy, Fundamental & Technical Considerations

How to trade the EURUSD given the key EURUSD events: German GDP, Greek IMF payment, US retail sales – our favorite simple short term news trade and how to play it -There are… Continue reading

EURUSD: Short Term Fundamental, Technical Outlook & Forecast

Fundamental drivers for the EURUSD unlikely to live up to their potential to move the pair, trading ideas for the coming 24-48 hours   Summary –Despite the apparent drama of US jobs reports… Continue reading

How Bad EU News Is Driving EURUSD Higher: Trade Ideas & Long Term Dangers

Despite rising Greek default risk that sent European indexes like the DAX plunging, the EURUSD is showing strength. Here’s why, to play it, and the longer term potential dangers for the EUR and… Continue reading

The Big 5 Short Term EURUSD Drivers

Key fundamental and technical EURUSD drivers to watch in the coming days. Ideas for short term EURUSD traders. A mid-week EURUSD outlook. Summary EURUSD in likely flat trading range in next 24-48 hours,… Continue reading

Forex Day Traders’ Playbook: Near Term USD Outlook, Trades After GDP & FOMC Reports

Key facts, trade strategy, and ideas for trading the EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, AND USDCHF. A short guide for beginner intraday and short term USD forex pairs traders. Key facts, trading strategy, including risk… Continue reading

The EU: The End Is Near? Existential Threats And Decisions Approach

As evidence of the EU’s failure and potential collapse mounts, the time for existential choices approaches   Summary Existential Threat #1: Unsustainable Debt Loads That Could Destroy The EU Require A Fully Empowered… Continue reading

Kostohryz’s US 2014 Q2-Q4 Outlook: Critique, Implications For The USD & Other Currencies

US Consumers May Be Able To Spend-But Are They Willing? If So, What Are The Likely Scenarios For USD, Other Currencies? The following is a partial summary of the conclusions from the fxempire.com  weekly analysts’… Continue reading

EURUSD WEEKLY OUTLOOK: Short Term Up, Longer Term Down & Why

FX Traders’ weekly EURUSD fundamental & technical picture, this week’s market drivers that could change it, and what you must never forget about the EU and EUR The following is a partial summary… Continue reading

EURUSD Weekly Outlook February 24th: Trend Vs. Resistance-Which Wins & Why

EURUSD bullish and bearish technical, fundamental drivers for both short and longer term plus more on the big long term bearish threat to the pair – The Europeans themselves, a real-time trader positioning… Continue reading

Top Global Market Movers 2 Minute Drill: What Moved Markets Each Day

Credit, liquidity related central bank policy issues, taper speculation, China default threat- quick, critical review for traders of stocks, forex commodities and more The following is a partial summary of the conclusions from… Continue reading