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Forex Traders’ Weekly Top 10 Must-Reads

A collection of top articles on the key issues dominating forex and other global markets, and weekly forex reviews and previews, for traders of forex and other global asset markets with limited research… Continue reading

USDJPY Weekly Outlook: Russia To USDJPY Bulls, BoJ: “Crimea River”

FX Traders’ weekly EURUSD fundamental & technical picture, this week’s market drivers that could change it- the bullish, the bearish and likely EURUSD direction & Putin’s song dedication to the West ( &… Continue reading

The Biggest Market Threat Of All? Does QE Trap Means Taper Is Tightening

Analogy Test: Taper Is To Tightening, As Foreplay is To…Or, QE Taper Equals QE Trap Which Equals Tightening The following is a partial summary of the conclusions from the fxempire.com  weekly analysts’ meeting in which… Continue reading

The Coming Week: Top Market Movers, Lessons, & Ramifications, Biggest Threat

True Or False: Taper is to tightening as Foreplay is to….Technical and Fundamental Market Drivers And Lessons For The Coming Week And Beyond GENERAL   Technical Picture: Global Indexes Hit Resistance, Indecision  … Continue reading

Lessons For The Coming Week: What To Watch This Week

Here’s a brief rundown of what to watch for the coming week and beyond Markets Moving Up/Down With QE Tapering Speculation If there is news that raises the likelihood of QE reduction, markets… Continue reading

Yen Weekly Outlook: Week of May 27-31

The stereotype of the Japanese business model has been to develop and improve on foreign innovation rather than develop it at home. However Abenomics, is a form of stimulus so radical that it’s… Continue reading

Weekly EURUSD Outlook: How The Bullish And Bearish Forces Align

Here’s a quick rundown of headwinds and tailwinds for the EURUSD 1. EU Political Turmoil: Bearish     The corruption scandal in Spain and resurgence of anti-market PM candidate Berlusconi should continue to… Continue reading

Top market Movers This Week: Bearish Fundamentals, Bullish Stimulus, Mixed Charts

It’s a 3 way tug of war this week   Political turmoil in the EU remains the big potential market mover and the most unpredictable wildcard in the deck this week. We’ve continued… Continue reading

Lessons For This Week: Disturbing Developments From Japan, EU – Part 2

Part 2 of 2   Conclusions, Lessons From Last Week  For This Week And Beyond Weekly Currency Dilution Alerts A New Way To Help Save Your Local Currency     In part 1… Continue reading

Lessons For This Week: Disturbing Developments From Japan, EU Part 1

Part 1: Top Market Movers: Daily Diary Here’s the first of a two part article. Part 1: Top Market Movers: Daily Diary Part 2 Conclusions, Lessons From Last Week  For This Week And… Continue reading