Birth Announcement: The Sensible Guide To Forex Is Published

Dear Readers,

With pride & thanks to all those mentioned on the cover page or who otherwise assisted in this endeavor, we’re thrilled to announce that the book is out. All those with advanced orders should be receiving it in the coming week or already have it.

Thanks for your trust. We hope you like it.

The ‘look inside’ feature on the amazon page  should be available in the coming days for those want to preview it.

The publisher was kind enough to allow a far more detailed Table of Contents than generally used, so you’ll be able to get a better idea of how the book addresses the needs of both:

–traders seeking safer methods that should increase their odds of success

–longer term investors seeking exposure to assets denominated or tied to the currencies with the strongest long term up trends, for added yield and safety.

Again, thanks to all followers for your ongoing support, & hope you enjoy the book.

Cheers, Cliff