The Sensible Guide To Forex Wins FXstreet.Com’s 2013 Best Book Award!

A Win For Safer, Simpler Forex Trading And Currency Diversified Investing And Income


A Win For Self Defense Against Currency Devaluation

Another Step To Bringing Forex To Mainstream Investors

We’re happy to announce that The Sensible Guide To Forex: Safer, Smarter Ways to Survive and Prosper from the Start (Wiley, 2012) won the prestigious Best New Forex Book Award for 2013







The outcome was decided by a combination of both a panel of professionals and a popular vote. Thanks to all of you who supported the book.

You Did It

You’ve helped ease our task of spreading the message that forex isn’t just for the high risk day traders, and that there are simpler, safer ways for everyone to profit from forex. Investors of all kinds need forex now more than ever, both as way to:

  • Be able to short risk asset markets when stocks and other markets ban short sales
  • Get exposure to currencies that will hold their value and appreciate versus the USD, EUR, JPY, and others that are being debased by their own governments, and to assets linked to them.

In sum, you’ve helped spread the forex message to the wider investing community, that a background in currency markets can improve profits and lower risk, even if we trade infrequently or are long term income investors.

We suspect what set the book apart was that in addition to being an exceptionally clear yet comprehensive introduction to safer, simpler ways to trade, it offered a variety of unique features:

  • For forex traders: Exceptional detail on risk and money management, and a variety of simpler, safer ways to profit from forex, including  the two newest ways to trade:
    • The automatic copying of expert traders via social trading through such firms as and
    • Longer expiration binary options
  • For longer term investors in stocks or other assets: Ways for conservative income investors to use currency markets for better returns and lower risk, and how to build a safe income stream in these healthier currencies.

Blows Against The Empire

We may not be able to fight the Fed, or ECB or BoJ, but we CAN protect our assets from their debasement tax by moving into better managed currencies or assets linked to them.

  • See here for further details on the award.
  • See here (non US residents) or here for more about the book and whether it’s right for you.

Thank you again for supporting the book, and yourselves, in the fight for safer forex trading and safer, currency diversified investing.